16th-17th Februrary 2017

Philips Avent
Scientific Symposium 2017

More breastmilk for more babies;
from physiology to practice

For over 30 years, Philips Avent has been working with a global network of trusted partners including scientific experts, research institutes, healthcare professionals and parents. We are committed to bringing the latest research in the fields of breastfeeding, infant feeding and infant development and translating new concepts into innovatively designed products and services.

In line with our mission to support parent and babies to enable the best start in life for a healthy future, the symposium explores a topics related to breastfeeding physiology and practice from aroundthe world. Consisting of a series of keynote speakers, cutting edge workshop sessions and networking opportunities, the unique international audience will discuss and share new perspectives and strategies in modern breastfeeding practices.

On this website you can find information regarding the symposium program and outcomes of the workshops. They are available for you and your colleagues to review at anytime and find out how these findings and updates can help you support parents in setting the stage for healthy futures.

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Breastfeeding in the
digital technology era

At Philips Avent’s we are committed to support parent and their babies to enable the best start for a healthy future. We combine our extensive clinical expertise combined with insights from parents  and professionals to deliver innovations that respond and relate to individual needs at each stage of early life.

In the changing landscape of digital technology, the Philips Avent Scientific Symposium aims to share the latest insights on breastfeeding physiology and how this new connected world impacts global breastfeeding practices.

More than 80 global experts in the field of breastfeeding and infant feeding practice come together  to share their knowledge, experience, and latest insights, focused on enabling more breastmilk for more babies.


Symposium booklet

More than 10 international expert speakers present the latest findings in human milk research, breastfeeding and infant feeding practice.



Clinical publications

Philips Avent is committed to bringing the latest clinical research in the fieldsof breastfeeding, infant feeding and infant development to healthcare professionals and parents, and to translating new scientific concepts into innovatively designed products and services.