Radiology workspace

Boost productivity and elevate clinical outcomes

Radiologists globally face common challenges: more studies and less time to complete them. More stress and lower job satisfaction, leading to an increasing number of radiologists leaving the profession. Interpreting one image every three to four seconds for an entire shift is necessary to keep pace with current workload demands.The challenge facing radiologists is how to meet productivity without compromising accuracy.

One radiology workspace can help you enhance efficiency, quality and speed by combining intelligent worklist management, native interactive multimedia reporting and more than 200 advanced data interpretation applications and third-party AI-enabled tools to speed the detection of diseases.

    One partner, one solution to unify radiology workflow

    Interactive reporting that turns clinical data into actionable insight

    Cutting-edge algorithms to help radiologists identify subtle abnormalities, support diagnostic confidence and reduce time to report

    Enhanced communication tools – including chat and sticky notes – that support clinical collaboration from anywhere with no need to navigate between different tabs, places in the menu or within the application

    Access to an extensive clinical applications and AI portfolio designed to automate time-consuming tasks and drive clinical insights

    Demonstrated results

    Up to 44% faster reading times and greater diagnostic accuracy1

    Up to 5 hours saved per week using the AI-based workflow prediction engine for data pre-processing2

    50% faster workflow productivity using workflow orchestrator to allocate the exam to a specific person with the best profile, credentials and specific skills to manage that exam3

    Saved 8.9 minutes in assessing tumor burden compared to text-only reports4

    AI-based data pre-processing with 90% specificity5

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    Radiologist conferring in front of dual screens

    Intelligence to enhance reading and reporting workflow

    To efficiently balance caseloads and accelerate reading times, intelligent algorithms automatically redefine the workflow, matching the most appropriate available radiologists based on their area of expertise, availability and current workload. A single user interface for reading images and reporting includes speech recognition, editing and the ability to embed key images for side-by-side comparison. 

    Radiologist close up

    Intelligence to support diagnostic confidence and clinical efficiency

    Cutting-edge technology helps radiologists identify subtle abnormalities, reduce diagnostic uncertainty and speed the interpretation process. Our Advanced Visualization Workspace applications empower you with clinical insights to support diagnostic confidence and AI-based efficient workflows. The addition of AI Manager supports automated analysis of medical data and extraction of relevant information to generate meaningful, actionable insights to enable more precise, personalized patient care.

    Doctor at bedside with Enterprise Viewer on iPad

    Intelligence to help reach better-informed clinical conclusions

    Streamline your workflow with the flexibility to access, analyze and quantify patient imaging data in one unified view regardless of which department generated the data. Reach clinical conclusions faster and with confidence supported by the complete patient medical view.

    Radiologist and tech conferring

    Radiology informatics

    Streamline your radiology workflow with a unified strategy for all your imaging needs from order management through report distribution.

    Radiologist full face with Diagnostic Viewer on screen

    AI Manager

    Enable your radiologists to leverage AI applications for more comprehensive assessment and to gain deep clinical insights into your radiology workflow.

    Advanced Visualization Workspace discussion

    Advanced Visualization Workspace

    Give your physicians the tools to perform advanced analysis and follow up even in complex settings.


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    [2] Results from usage in four customer sites and don’t reflect other usage in other sites; savings estimated based on AVG radiologist hourly fee in the USA

    [3] Camus Biomedico Customer Story

    [4] CAD functionality of Riverain Technologies. ShihChung et al. AJR 2018; 210:480-488.

    [5] Folio L, et al. Initial experience with multi-media and quantitative tumor reporting appears to improve oncologist efficiency in assessing tumor burden. Research findings presented at the RSNA 101th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL. 2015.

    Philips AI Manager is not intended for data interpretation or diagnosis. Availability of third-party algorithms may vary per market.

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