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Philips at EANM 2014

Advancing molecular imaging with deeper human insight

What could you do if you could see more, and see it sooner? For your patients. For your hospital. For families and caregivers.

At Philips, we look beyond technology to the experiences of the people at the heart of care ― patients, providers, and caregivers ― to unlock insights across the continuum of care. Our molecular imaging solutions deliver superb image quality, critical information, and greater connectivity to increase diagnostic confidence. Our real-time tools elevate clinical performance, help to manage dose throughout the cycle of care, and enable personalized treatment. Our latest innovations were presented at EANM 2014.


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Discover a new era in molecular imaging


A remarkable story of breakthrough innovation was told at the Philips Booth at EANM 2014. We demonstrated products and solutions that mark the dawn of a new era in molecular imaging, driving clinical performance, enhancing the patient experience, and increasing economic value. Many people attended our Philips User Event – The Future of PET for an evening of discovery. We were also pleased to host Innovation Talks from several thought leaders on our booth during the conference.


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Highlights of our innovations shown

Vereos PET/CT *


The technological leap in all-digital, Vereos PET/CT means a leap in your clinical performance – The world's first and only digital PET/CT.

GantryFront 0022 LM

Philips collaboration with IBA


Ion Beam Applications (IBA) and Philips join forces to advance diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Global collaboration will provide more personalized diagnosis and therapy solutions for cancer patients.


Leveraging high quality imaging and proton therapy offers the potential to increase confidence in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, reduce short- and long-term side-effects, and potentially enhance the quality of life of the patient before, during, and after treatment, while reducing the cost of treatment for the healthcare system.

diagram LM

The diagram shows the IBA Proteus® ONE proton therapy solution.

Leveraging oncology technologies and solutions

The collaboration will also enable both organizations to mutually leverage technologies and solutions: IBA will benefit from Philips diagnostic imaging products offered to oncology care centers, while Philips will leverage IBA proton therapy solutions within its offering for customers in select markets around the world. The commercial collaboration also includes an integrated offering for Molecular Imaging Centers, combining IBA's expertise in PET radioisotope production centers with Philips imaging and diagnostics expertise. 


Philips Ambient Experience is being used in the treatment room of IBA’s proton therapy solutions. It is designed to keep patients relaxed and comfortable during imaging and treatment. For their joint efforts, Philips and IBA were recognized with the prestigious iF product design award 2014.

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Written by:

Julia Rebouillat

Senior Field Marketing Manager, Oncology

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* Vereos PET/CT CE mark pending


This material is not for distribution in the USA

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