SkyFlow Scatter correction algorithm


Scatter correction algorithm

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Philips SkyFlow reduces the effect of scattered radiation for non-grid bedside chest exams, allowing you to obtain DR images with grid-like contrast while avoiding the time and effort of attaching and detaching a grid.

Smooth gridless workflow || KBA1

Enjoy fast, smooth gridless workflow

While you must always decide whether or not to use a grid, now you can combine the ease of a gridless acquisition workflow with the contrast of a grid image, for portable chest exams. SkyFlow, our intelligent X-ray image processing software, produces images with grid-like contrast without a grid by reducing the effect of scattered radiation during non-grid bedside chest exams.
Simple automatic || KBA1

Simple automatic operation for immediate results

SkyFlow X-ray image processing requires no operator input and automatically adjusts contrast enhancement based on the amount of scatter for the individual patient. Therefore, it is suitable for a wide range of patient types, particularly for bariatric patients.
Gridless workflow saves you time || KBA1

Gridless workflow saves you time

SkyFlow identifies scatter signal and automatically applies correction immediately at the bedside. You can review quality images and make decisions on the spot; just as mobile radiography demands. Additionally, by eliminating the grid, you eliminate retakes caused by grid misalignment.
Focus on your patients || KBA1

Focus on your patients

There’s no need to prepare the detector with an anti-scatter grid, so you can devote your full attention to your patients, shorten their exam times, and position them comfortably. Additionally, by eliminating the grid, you eliminate retakes caused by grid misalignment.
Maintain excellent image quality || KBA1

Maintain excellent image quality

You can obtain exceptional DR image quality with grid-like contrast for all patient types, including bariatric. Use SkyFlow X-ray image processing for bedside and trolley chest exams in combination with our large SkyPlate detector for an image virtually indiscernible from an image acquired with a grid.

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